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The House Mouse is mainly found in buildings because they seek the warmth and shelter for nesting and food. They carry a number of diseases and are a serious public health hazard. The House Mouse body length is around 60-90mm the tail can add 100mm and their fur colour is generally light brown and grey.

Mice will cause high scale damage due to their constant gnawing habits, they will chew through electric cabling which risks electrocution, attack any food, contaminate animal feeds, urinate and leave droppings everywhere. They do not need water as they extract this from their meals and only require around 3-4 grams of food a day.


It is important to deal of mice quickly, as House Mice are adaptable, highly mobile and breed rapidly, it is not uncommon for five mice to multiply into sixty within six weeks – this combination can make mouse control a difficult task for the untrained individual.

I have been trained in mouse control and have access to a range of professional rodenticides which are not available to the public. Also extensive use of laying traps correctly. During visits, I will provide you with advice for future prevention such as food storage, general housekeeping and proofing any holes or access gaps in the property.


Rats are becoming one of the most common pests in the UK. As local bin collections become far more spread out, Rats are thriving.  Their tails are shorter in length then the common house mouse but have a larger head, a bulkier body and are much heavier in size, ranging from 250–500g and even up to 700g! 

The most common rat that I deal with is the Norway Rat, who mainly live outdoors but enter properties from drainage systems and holes in walls. They bring many harmful diseases include Leptospirosis.

Unlike Mice, they are not a strong climber and will be generally found at lower levels looking for food and shelter, they also need large amounts of water. But very much like Mice will gnaw everything in their path, urinate and contaminate wherever they travel causing huge damage and stress.


I will undertake a full assessment to find out the exact type of rodent present and which method of control is needed whilst always considering non target animals and children.  I can use many different methods and techniques to control Rats and I will find entry points and recommend proofing areas. Prevention is always better, removing access to food and water or sheltering areas is much more likely to deter Rats in the future.


Part of the rodent family, Squirrels, have many similar habits to Mice and Rats.  Major damage to property due to their chewing habits. Early risers as they are up at sunrise and back before sunset, they do no hibernate but store food in many places for the winter.

Weighing around 500g, highly adaptable having a winter and a summer coat – shorter fur, excellent climbers and jumpers, their bushy tail is actually used for balance.  Only 1% live to around 6 years.


Various different proofing is available, Squirrels will enter property due to gaps in fascia boards, so these will need addressing with different products and materials. A trapping programme can also be used as Squirrels are very inquisitive so will inspect new things they are faced with. 

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