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The Feral Pigeon, originated from the Rock Dove lining the cliffs and Rocks, they moved inland because of easy food and resting spots. Stock Doves are very similar but have a pinker chest. They will travel up to two miles for food and like warm locations for resting, sheltered and secluded areas. Feral Pigeons can also perch on a gap of around 50mm.


There are many preventive measures that can stop Feral Pigeon, proofing, netting, spikes, electric, gel. Depending on where they reside and the damage they cause we refer to this as pressure. Pressure is measured in terms of low medium of high. This will dictate the control measure we can put in place, call me to discuss any Feral Pigeon issues.


From the Herring Gulls to the Great Black Back Gull, they are all nuisances, they are loud and can be very aggressive, particularly during nesting seasons. Nesting mainly in colonies on roof tops, they can travel up to forty miles away from their nests.  A long lifespan in bird terms the can live up to thirty years  They shallow dive for fish and shell fish, seal bird’s eggs and feed a recycling sites. They also like fish and chips at the seaside so beware!


Polyethylene netting will exclude all Herring Gull from nesting on site along with many other techniques. Gull Spike installation can also be very effective for low pressure areas such as a roof of ledges.

Bird Management/
Bird Clearance

It can be difficult to find one bird method that completely solves the problem. It often takes a combination of methods to get things under control. This is because different species carry various diseases, and it is not advisable to handle the problem yourself.


A broad range of management solutions are available with measures that include deterrents such as Bird Nettings, Bird Spikes, Non Toxic bird gel and Laser deterrents. Call today for more information.

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